1 year later: Slain NDSU student Tom Bearson's death remains a mystery


Sunday marks one year since Tom Bearson left a party at North Dakota State University and was never heard from again, but his parents have faith that his killer will be caught.

Bearson, an 18-year-old NDSU student from Sartell, Minnesota, was last seen in Fargo, North Dakota, on Sept. 20, 2014. His body was found three days later in the lot of a Moorhead RV sales business.

His death remains a mystery, but Bearson's family is confident their son's killer will be brought to justice.

“We know people are curious about the investigation into Tom’s death. Whether the person, or people, who did this are caught or not, and we’re convinced they will be, one thing will always remain true: They can never escape from who they are and what they did,” the family said in a statement, according to the St. Cloud Times. “Without responsibility, there can only be darkness and guilt in their lives.”

Despite no new developments in the case, the family also says they are have confidence in the Moorhead Police Department as it continues to investigate, Valley News Live reported.

"The best thing I can say is that we continue to string a very extensive web of information, this case file is very extensive, clearly a very hard case with many challenges," Moorhead Police Lt. Tory Jacobson told Valley News Live, noting this isn't a cold case and the investigation remains active.

The department is taking unprecedented measures to find more clues in the case, including sending six investigators involved in the case to review it with experts at the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit earlier this summer, WDAY said.

“They were able to review the case with our team to consider any other potential hypothesis or if there were additional resources that could provide or assist," Jacobson told the St. Cloud Times.

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