10 spots in MN officials say are polluted and need clean-up help


There are 10 more spots in Minnesota that "have known risks to human health and the environment" – or the potential to pose these risks – and a state agency wants them on a pollution clean-up list.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency says it wants to add 10 spots to what it calls the "Superfund Permanent List of Priorities."

Basically, that's a collection of hazardous waste sites where investigation and clean-up are needed, the clean-up is underway, or it's been cleaned up but still needs to be watched and monitored for issues. There are 29 on the list already. (The Minneapolis Pollution Control Agency also is suggesting that the Boyer Lumber site in Virgina, Minnesota, be removed from the list.)

Of the ones they want added to the list, in many cases it's because of the cleaning chemicals PCE (Perchloroethylene, which is toxic to humans at even low levels) or TCE (Trichloroethylene, which can cause a bunch of issues with vital body systems).

Here's a a look at the 10 sites the agency wants to add – all but one are in the Twin Cities. Click here for more details on each.

Bloomington – Lyndale Avenue Corridor

Home to more than 40 commercial and industrial businesses, including vehicle repair, dry cleaning and manufacturing, that have used or now use hazardous chemicals that contaminate soil and groundwater.

Cloquet – D’s Fabric Care

A dry cleaning operation that is being investigated for groundwater and soil vapor contamination.

Excelsior – Pure Oil Bulk Storage Facility

Industrial solvents PCE and TCE were detected in groundwater and soil vapors, but the agency hasn't been able to figure out where they came from.

Hennepin County – Southeast Hennepin Area Ground Water and Vapor Plume

A TCE-contaminated site that has ongoing groundwater monitoring and soil vapor testing.

Minneapolis – Universal Plating Facility

A former chemical and mechanical plating facility that closed in 2009 and has been included in the agency's Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup program since 2014.

Minneapolis – 55th Street and Lyndale Avenue South

The site of a former dry cleaning operation, the agency is investigating a PCE release that contaminated groundwater and soil vapor.

Richfield – West 66th Street and Vincent Avenue

The site of small spills or disposal of the dry cleaning chemical PCE that contaminated groundwater.

St. Paul – University Avenue and Pascal Street

An area that has had TCE and PCE detected in soil and groundwater.

St. Paul – Arcade and Hawthorne

A former dry cleaner and auto service station were located here, where industrial solvents have been found in groundwater and soil.

St Paul – Hospital Linen

A former commercial laundry and industrial dry cleaning site where PCE was found in soil and soil vapor.

Can I weigh in on this?

In fact you can.

They're taking public comments on the suggestions until June 10. You can send comments to Tom Higgins, in the MPCA Site Remediation and Redevelopment Section, at 651-757-2436, 800-657-3864 or tom.higgins@state.mn.us.

There's also a hearing on May 24, where a newly-formed Advisory Committee will hear details. The public is invited too, but the agency is only taking formal comments sent in via phone or email to the person above.

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