10 (awesome) ways Minnesotans are coping with the cold today


When the windchill drops down below negative 30, 40, or even 50 in some parts of the state, there is little to do except stay inside, keep warm, and laugh at the situation.

But some Minnesotans get a little more creative, and we've rounded up the best "coping strategies" doing the rounds online.

1. Experiment with trampolines

2. Enjoy a slushie ... but be careful with soda

3. Amuse yourself with cold weather jokes

4. Grow a beard

5. Erm ... like the cold?

6. Hammer other states for daring to complain that they're cold

7. Take care of your loved ones

8. Do everything you can to get school cancelled


9. Enjoy the beauty

10. Keep calm and carry on

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