112-year-old Minnesotan celebrates birthday

Anna Stoehr, the oldest Minnesotan, blew out 112 birthday candles on a cake, with a little help from family. She is believed to be the oldest person in the world living alone, and she's among the 30 or so oldest people in the world.

Anna Stoehr, the oldest Minnesotan, believed to be the oldest documented person in the world living alone, on Monday marks her 112th birthday, the Star Tribune reports. She had said she was done with birthday parties, but relented, and admitted it was nice to see her friends at a bash for 200 people Sunday.

She is believed to be the oldest person still living alone, in farmhouse near Potsdam, Minn., 15 miles north of Rochester, the newspaper reports. She won't even let someone come in to help her clean. She recently canned peaches and froze sweet corn for the winter.

She's No. 31 on a list of the oldest people in the world, according to Gerontology Research Group, which tracks such records.

Stoehr's father baptized her the day she was born because she was not expected to live, KTTC reported for a story on her 110th birthday.

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