11th Twin Cities man charged with trying to help ISIS


Another Minnesota man has been charged with trying to help the Islamic State terror group, ISIS.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble – a 20-year-old from Minneapolis – is the 11th Twin Cities man to be charged with the crime. He is not in custody and one of his alleged co-conspirators told investigators Roble was in Syria.

According to the complaint, in 2014 Roble began using his money – thousands of dollars – to support Islamic State fighters, eventually making his way to the Middle East.

Money from I-35W settlement

The complaint says Roble was injured in the 2007 Interstate 35W bridge collapse and received a lot of money when his parents filed a lawsuit – more than $91,000. The money was placed in a trust until Roble turned 18.

In 2014, after his 18th birthday, Roble applied for a passport, saying he planned to travel to China to study. However, he did not have a visa and didn't clearly tell the passport specialist where he'd be studying, the complaint says.

Around that time, Roble had also been regularly withdrawing large sums of money from his account, the complaint adds.

Prosecutors say Roble was eventually issued a passport and flew to China with his mother.

Once there, the complaint says Roble continued withdrawing money and made two trips to Turkey, not returning from the second one.

Meanwhile, several other men were stopped while trying to leave the U.S. on flights headed overseas. Those men – described as co-conspirators in the criminal complaint – said things that indicated to the FBI that Roble had made it to Syria and was fighting for Islamic State.

One co-conspirator – Abdirizak Warsame, who was the 10th Twin Cities man charged – told authorities in an interview that he'd seen Roble in a desert, carrying a black ISIS flag and weapons.

According to the complaint, Warsame said he also saw a photo of Roble and his uncle, Abdi Nur, together – Nur has also been charged with terror crimes.

Investigators heard other terror suspects – including Gruled Omar – talking about Roble, the complaint says, and he was was also connected to his uncle through their computers' I.P. addresses while Nur was in Syria last year.

The complaint notes there is "probable cause" to believe Roble joined and conspired to help – including financially support – the terrorist group.

Who's been charged so far

So far, 11 Twin Cities men have been charged with trying to help ISIS.

Of the previous 10, nine have been convicted. Six of them entered guilty pleas and three were convicted in June.

The complaint says Nur is believed to have reached Syria, and he has not yet been caught.

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