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12/12/12: Anoka County man has seen it before


Next Wednesday the date will turn over to 12/12/12. A once-in-a-lifetime event ... for most of us.

But Ed Larson has lived through the date before, or at least part of it. He was born on December 12, 1912 and will celebrate his 100th birthday on Wednesday.

Larson was born in a farmhouse on the edge of Columbus, Minnesota. Remarkably enough, he still lives in the house today. Some changes have occurred around him in that time, though. Like electricity, telephones, cars, and computers, to name a few. Larson has stayed put through it all, telling the Forest Lake Times the rural life in Columbus is the best place he could be. But he still does some rambling. He just renewed his driver's license last summer, 85 years after getting his first Model T.

What was 1912 like?

Judging from this montage, it was a time of big hats.

And here are a few stats, beginning with the life expectancy at the time: 47 years.

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