130 dogs seized from Pine River breeder still in quarantine

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The Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley is seeking donations because of costs incurred while caring for about 130 dogs seized from a breeding operation in northern Minnesota.

FOX 9 reports the non-profit has spent more than $135,000 to care for the animals since they were removed from a Pine River property two months ago, and costs are only expected to rise while legal issues are being sorted out.

A search warrant executed on July 16 at 1175 County Road 1 East found the dogs, including nearly 30 puppies, living in poor living conditions.

The Cass County Attorney's Office filed nine charges related to animal neglect against the breeder, 60-year-old Deborah Beatrice Rowell. Rowell pleaded not guilty last month, Northland's NewsCenter reported.

In an attempt to regain custody of the dogs, Rowell's attorney, Stephen Grigsby, told FOX 9 that Rowell has fixed the problems on her property.

A judge also ordered Rowell to pay $86,000 to cover the costs of the dogs' care.

"Right now, the costs are so excessive; she's not able to post that bond," Gigsby told FOX 9. "So, our hope now is that the court of appeals will hear this matter, will stay this order until we can get a reasonable bond and she can get the dogs back."

The Humane Society is unable to put the dogs up for adoption or place them in foster homes during the appeal process.

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