15 year old dies after being accidentally shot in the neck by his brother


A teenage boy has died in Minneapolis after he was shot in the neck, reportedly by his brother, in what is believed to be an accidental shooting.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has confirmed Brandon Dominique Wren died from a gunshot wound to the neck at a property on the 4100 block of Freemont Ave. N. in Minneapolis at around 11 p.m. on Sunday.

According to the Star Tribune, police say he was shot by "another juvenile male" and the initial indication is that it was accidental, with police spokesman John Elder saying: "We don't believe there was any malice. No intent."

That juvenile is believed to be Wren's 14-year-old brother, his family told KSTP, and it happened after the boys are said to have found a gun in a nearby park and brought it back to their house.

KSTP reports that Wren was in the ninth grade at Patrick Henry High School, with his family describing him as someone "who was always laughing," adding that he wanted to be a basketball star. His death came the day after the funeral of his step-sister, who had died of cancer.

The examiner is treating the death as a homicide, with the newspaper noting that this can happen even when it's accidental, given that homicide is a medical definition of one person causing the death of another, irrespective of intent.

"It boils down to whether or not it will be chargeable, which will be up to the Hennepin County Attorney," Elder told CityPages. "At this point our belief is during the preliminary investigation we found it is in fact an accidental shooting."

WCCO reports police recovered a gun from the scene.

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