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1,600-pound bull gets loose, weaves through traffic in Afton


A 1,600-pound bull spotted darting across rush hour traffic Wednesday morning was shot and killed by Washington County authorities.

The Patch reports around 7:30 a.m., the massive animal was running back and forth across the roadway and in and out of cornfields near Hudson Road and Manning Avenue South, just south of I-94.

Several cars trying to avoid colliding with the bull were involved in minor crashes, KSTP reported. A sheriff's deputy was also nearly hit by the animal. No injuries have been reported.

The television station says the bull somehow got loose Tuesday evening. After tranquilizers proved unsuccessful in slowing the animal down, the bull was shot with the owner's permission, the Patch said.

"He was probably more dangerous than a bear in that situation,” Sgt. Thomas Stafford told the Star Tribune.

To get an idea of the size of the bull, Woodbury officer Scott Melander who also responded to the area told the Patch that the bull's horns were nearly one foot long.

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