1,600-pound 'Meat Rushmore' to highlight Jack Link's Jerky Day celebration

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This year's National Jerky Day tribute might be the meatiest holiday creation ever.

Jack Link's, the Wisconsin-based jerky brand, is creating a giant "Meat Rushmore" for the June 12 holiday – a 13-foot-tall, 17-foot-wide jerky monument featuring the four presidential faces that are actually blasted into the side of Mt. Rushmore.

The statistics on the meaty monstrosity? 1,600 pounds of jerky (beef, pork and turkey), equaling more than 350,000 grams of protein.

There are about 280 calories in a 3.5-ounce bag of original Jack Link's beef jerky. If the entire Meat Rushmore was just beef, it would make up just over 7,314 packs – totaling out to 2,048,004 calories.

If you're a moderately active male, 19-30 years old, that's enough calories for two years (at the suggested 2,800 calories per day). For women of the same age and activity level, it's enough for more than 2 1/2 years (at 2,200 calories per day).

In addition, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges is proclaiming June 12 Jack Link's Jerky Day throughout Minneapolis, coinciding with the national, general jerky effort.

The sculpture will be on display June 12 in New York City's Columbus Circle, from sunup to sundown. In addition to the heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, fans can enter online to have a picture of themselves inserted as the fifth head.

While it's based in Minong, Wisconsin, (the northwest area of the state, about an hour south of Superior), Jack Link's has an operating and marketing office in Minneapolis, as well as a production facility in Mankato.

The governors of Iowa and South Dakota have also proclaimed June 12 Jack Link's Jerky Day.

In 2012, Jack Link's had artist Jason Mecier create a jerky Sasquatch (seen at right), a press release said. It was put on display at the Mall of America on that year's National Jerky Day. Laughing Squid reported it took about 80 bags of beef jerky to complete.

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That's a lot of dehydrated meat. But it's no Meat Rushmore.

According to the 2013 Snack World State of the Industry Report, Link Snacks Inc. made up 56 percent of the jerky market in the 52 weeks prior to Feb. 24, 2013. They took in $146.1 million in sales during that year, with No. 2 competitor Slim Jim (which includes more meat snacks than just jerky) raking in $59.5 million.

That year, the jerky market made $259.2 million.

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