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1882 Duluth pack on eBay for $66,000


What would you pay for a worn-out old backpack?

OK, how much would you pay for a rare backpack purported to be a 1882 prototype of the pack that helped propel Minnesota-based Duluth Pack to become one of the nation's most enduring outfitting companies?

If you said $66,000 (discounted from $77,000), you are in the ballpark. That's how much one seller on eBay is asking for the antique pack.

Seller Tyson Jahn, of St. Paul, says the pack was handmade in Duluth by Camille Poirier, the French-Canadian founder of the company, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

A brass label affixed to the pack notes a patent date of Nov. 10, 1882 – after Poirier applied for a patent, but a month before he got it, which Jahn suggests is evidence it was a prototype, the News Tribune reports. Check out the pics on eBay.

The newspaper also quotes doubters, among them antique appraiser Dan Sershon of Duluth, who tells the newspaper, “People do this all the time. Ask an outrageous price to see if anyone will bite. I wouldn’t value it anywhere near that.”

Duluth Pack still makes hand-crafted bags and packs.

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