19-year-old found on frigid Duluth porch heads back to surgery


KSTP reports that the 19-year-old Duluth college student who was found unconscious on her neighbor's porch in minus-17-degree weather could be heading back to surgery Tuesday to close a wound on her stomach.

University of Minnesota Duluth sophomore Alyssa Lommel had spent about nine hours on the porch when a passerby found her the morning of Dec. 7. She had suffered hypothermia and severe frostbite.

Police said that Lommel had been drinking prior to being dropped off by a friend at her home, although friends later told police that Lommel “wasn’t wasted; she could talk and she wasn’t falling down drunk.” Lommel had her keys but apparently mistakenly wandered to the wrong home next door.

WDIO reported last week that a significant challenge will be overcoming serious infection and restoring blood flow in Lommel's hands and feet.

A police report said by the time police and rescuers arrived that Saturday morning, Lommel's hands were three times their normal size and she had been without gloves or mittens. She had on Ugg boots, jeans, a sweater and a medium-weight jacket, FOX 9 reported.

Police had found tracks from Lommel's boots in the snow around the house that wound to a garage, around a parked car and a back deck. Police found her cellphone on the back deck.

FOX 9 reported that Lommel's family has been meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss skin graft options.

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