190 pooches hop in pool for annual Eau Claire dog swim


An Eau Claire, Wis., pool was open for pooches only Sunday as the facility prepared to shut down for the season, the Eau Claire Leader Telegram reports.

Some 190 dogs took part in the Fairfax Park Pool 9th annual dog swim, an event that marks the end of summer before the pool is drained for the season.

To participate, owners pay a $10 fee and provide proof that their dog is vaccinated for rabies.

For some, the event is a way for dogs to reconnect with old friends who meet at the Eau Claire off-collar dog park. For others, it helps dogs get exercise.

One owner brought his yellow Labrador retriever to the swim event to swim as a way for the dog to keep in shape after the Lab had its leg removed during cancer surgery at the University of Minnesota last November.

"She needed exercise, she needed some interaction, she needed to get out of the house," Dominic Ryder told the Leader. "We wanted to bring her out just to have fun with her. We’re not sure how much time we’ve got left."

The money raised at Sunday's event is being used to build another dog-friendly park in the area.

See video from WEAU in Eau Claire from the event.

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