Report: Target benefits as Wal-Mart struggles to restock shelves


Wal-Mart Inc. doesn't have enough manpower to keep its shelves fully stocked and operate enough checkout lanes, Bloomberg reports.

The Arkansas-based discount giant has added about 500 stores over the past five years, however, its U.S. workforce has dropped by roughly 20,000 employees or 1.4 percent.

The news service says Minneapolis-based Target is among the rivals picking up Wal-Mart customers frustrated with the staffing issues.

“Our in stock levels are up significantly in the last few years, so the premise of this story, which is based on the comments of a handful of people, is inaccurate and not representative of what is happening in our stores across the country,” a Wal-Mart spokeswoman told Bloomberg in an e-mailed statement. “Two-thirds of Americans shop in our stores each month because they know they can find the products they are looking for at low prices.”

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