1st eaglet hatches on DNR's EagleCam


Smile, little eaglet – your first moments of life are being captured on live video.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' EagleCam is now starring its first fluffy gray eaglet (with two more eggs as yet unhatched). DNR officials tweeted the good news Tuesday:

Some rapt raptor fans were a bit worried during the day, given that there appears to be a bloody object in the nest. But officials on the DNR's Nongame Wildlife Program Facebook page said they believe the eaglet is fine and that the object was food brought by the parents. A DNR spokeswoman tells BringMeTheNews it was likely a lunch of pigeon.

One eagle-eyed EagleCam viewer on the Facebook page said the parents are still rotating the two remaining eggs, and when they get up, viewers can sometimes catch a quick glimpse of the new eaglet:

The DNR brought back its EagleCam last month after nine months off the air due to inactivity in the nest.

The webcam gives Internet users 24/7 viewing access to the birds in the nest – two parents and what had been three eggs.

The eagle parents – biologists believe this is the same pair live-streamed last year – failed to hatch their eggs last year, FOX 9 notes.

The nest being broadcast is located in the Twin Cities, but the DNR isn't giving away its exact location. The agency doesn't want bird fans to gather and alter the birds' natural behavior.

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