2 gang members charged in drive-by shooting; one had been acquitted in near-fatal beating


Two alleged gang members have been charged in a drive-by shooting that took place in St. Paul Saturday night. One of the two, 21-year-old Issac O’Neal Maiden, was acquitted last year in the brutal beating of a St. Paul man in 2013.

Maiden and Kacey Feiner, 18, were each charged Monday with one count of crime committed for the benefit of a gang and one count of drive-by discharge of a firearm, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports. A teenager was wounded in the shooting.

According to the criminal complaint, Maiden was the driver and Feiner was a passenger in a silver sedan that was stopped at a red light at Rice Street and University Avenue shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday.

As the car drove forward, a passenger in the back seat pointed a gun out the window and shot at a group of men standing on the corner. One of them, a 17-year-old, was shot in the arm, according to the Pioneer Press.

St. Paul police responded to the shooting, located the car and arrested four occupants, KSTP reports. The complaint says police found a 9mm Glock handgun in the back seat of the car, and nine spent 9mm casings on the street where the shooting took place.

Maiden told police he didn't remember anything about the incident, saying he was "high on Xanax and must have blacked out," according to the Star Tribune. Feiner did not make a statement to police.

The other two who were arrested were only identified by their initials, and it's unclear whether they have been charged, said the Star Tribune.

Maiden and Feiner are members of the HAM Crazy gang, police say. They are each being held on $100,000 bail, according to KSTP.

2013: St. Paul man survives near fatal beating

Maiden was one of four people charged in the brutal beating of Ray Widstrand, 28, in August 2013.

Widstrand was walking home from work on St. Paul’s East Side when he came upon a group of people fighting in the street near his home.

When he tried to help two girls caught up in the fight, he was beaten and knocked unconscious.

Police called the brawl gang-related and said those arrested were known members of two gangs.

Widstrand wasn’t expected to survive after suffering a severe brain injury in the attack. He couldn’t walk and he couldn’t speak, but he has undergone extensive therapy in the two years since the attack and recovered some of those functions.

Jurors acquitted Maiden of assault charges in November 2013; they said they heard confusing and contradictory testimony from witnesses, the Star Tribune reports.

The newspaper notes that the judge gave him a warning at the time: "Mr. Maiden ... you dodged one here. I have no doubt you’ll be back."

Maiden has also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in Hennepin County for a street fight with a teenager in December 2013.

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