2 held at Texas border in connection with Target data theft


Authorities report a possible break in the investigation into personal data theft from thousands of consumers at Target stores.

The Associated Press reports a couple trying to enter the U.S. from Mexico was arrested in Texas in connection with fraud charges.

The McAllen Monitor reported that McAllen police Chief Victor Rodriguez said that the man and the woman were arrested Sunday at the Anzalduas International Bridge as they attempted to cross into the country from Reynosa, Mexico. He added that police had already obtained warrants for their arrests, so they were taken into custody when they crossed the bridge. Officials say the suspects were carrying fraudulent credit cards when they were taken into custody.

Police say they suspect information stolen as part of the Target security breach was used for the cards.

Last week, a cyber intelligence company identified a Russian teenager as the possible key figure in the massive theft at Target. A Los-Angeles based cyber intelligence company, Intelcrawler, traced the malware to a 17-year-old. The problem that hit as many as 110 million consumers during the holiday shopping season may have been created with an off-the-shelf malware known as BlackPOS.

The incident has led to a push for U.S. companies to adopt a more secure system for customer transactions. Congress is expected to take up the security issue next month.

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