2 Minnesota acts are competing on the new TV dance show that starts Tuesday

The three dancers are all teenagers.

When "World of Dance" premieres on NBC Tuesday night, three Minnesotans will be on the long list of performers competing for the $1 million grand prize. And none of them has reached her 19th birthday yet.

"World of Dance" says the show brings together all kinds of performers, whether they're from tap, hip hop, ballroom, or break dancing. It features Jennifer Lopez (who's also an executive producer) and a few other celebrity judges sizing up dancers in three categories over 10 episodes.

Those will include 14-year-old Eva Igo of Inver Grove Heights. She's a contemporary solo dancer who will compete in the Junior category, which is for those 17 or younger.

Meanwhile, the hip hop duo Al Taw'am – a pair of 18-year-old twin sisters from Minneapolis – is in the Upper category, which is for adult groups that have four or fewer dancers. There's also a Team category for larger groups.

Here's a little background on the Minnesota contestants.

Eva Igo

According to the "World of Dance" blog, Eva started performing as a solo dancer at age five and won her first national titles when she was seven.

She got her training from the Larkin Dance Studio in styles including jazz, tap, musical theatre, hip hop, ballet, pointe and contemporary.

"World of Dance," of course, has already been filmed. While contestants are sworn to secrecy about how it turns out, Eva did tell the Pioneer Press "It was the coolest thing ever," adding "It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I'm lucky I got to do it."

Here's a YouTube clip of one of her solo performances and another of Eva dancing with a partner.

Al Taw'am

"World of Dance" says Al Taw'am means "the twins" in Arabic and these Minnesota twins are identical.

The sisters – Iman and Khadijah – are self-taught in their home studio and uphold their Muslim faith by always wearing their hijabs in public.

According to their Facebook page, the sisters are sometimes told that as young Muslim women they should not be dancing. Their response? "We are no different than any other artist or athlete and believe that Allah has given us this talent to inspire others."

Iman and Khadijah also share a story about a Muslim girl who told them that she was considering taking off her hijab for good and forsaking Islam until she saw Al Taw'am dance. "She said she hadn't seen the strength, power, and beauty in it until she saw us perform," they write.

KFAI Radio says the twins are also working to inspire other girls and women through a hip hop dance collective called S.H.E, which stands for She who Holds Everything.

You can see what they do here and here.

"World of Dance" debuts at 9 p.m. Tuesday on NBC. The official trailer is here.

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