2 natural foods co-ops in the Twin Cities have merged

The co-ops decided to work together, rather than compete against each other.

Two natural foods co-ops in the Twin Cities have decided to work together.

Earlier this year, three popular co-ops in Minneapolis – Wedge Community Co-op, Linden Hills Co-op and Eastside Food Co-op – proposed consolidating their grocery stores into one organization.

They said that each store would keep its own name and unique identity. But by working together rather than competing against each other, the co-ops could better compete against big name grocery stores like Target and Cub Foods.

After thousands of members voted, the co-ops announced a decision: Wedge and Linden Hills will consolidate, while Eastside will remain independent.

"We are honored and excited that our owners support and trust their neighborhood co-ops to come together to continue to grow and strengthen our local food system," Wedge said in a Facebook post.

What will change?

If you loved shopping at The Wedge, don't fret: the co-ops say your shopping experience will not change.

In fact, the merger won't officially take place until June 2017, so members won't be able to use discounts and other benefits at both stores just yet.

The Wedge opened in 1974 and has 16,500 members, while Linden Hills started in 1976 and has 9,200 members, the Star Tribune says.

Over time, the co-ops say they will be able to offer lower prices in some categories thanks to their consolidated buying power.

They've answered a bunch of other questions about what will change here.

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