2 Richfield students killed in suspected domestic-related homicide identified

A fifth-grader and eighth-grader were killed in a domestic-related homicide; their mother was injured.
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Richfield Public Schools has identified the two children who were killed last week in what police are calling a domestic-related shooting.

Nahily Ronquillo, a fifth-grade student at Richfield Dual Language School, and her brother, Luis Ronquillo, an eighth-grade student at Richfield Middle School, were killed Friday morning at a south Minneapolis apartment building, Superintendent Steven Unowsky and School Board Chair Peter Toensing said in a letter posted on the school district's website.

Their mother, Maria Romero, a former employee in the district, was hospitalized due to injuries in connection to the shooting, the letter says. A man, who has yet to be identified, was also killed in the shooting, according to police.

Officials haven't given much detail about the circumstances surrounding the shooting, only that they suspect it was a domestic-related homicide.

The Richfield School District says counselors, psychologists and social workers will be available starting Monday to meet with students, staff and families.

"All of us in Richfield Public Schools extend our deepest sympathies to the Ronquillo family and friends. Because of our close school community, this death touches everyone at our two schools and many within the district," Unowsky and Toensing wrote.

Domestic violence

According to the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, at least 10 people in Minnesota had been killed as a result of domestic violence this year. With the three deaths Friday morning, that would bring the number to at least 13.

The group’s 2015 Femicide report found 34 people died from domestic violence last year, including 22 women, nine family members/friends, and at least three men.

October marks domestic violence awareness month. There are various events planned around the state to raise awareness and funds for domestic violence victims.

Get help

Anyone who thinks they are in an unsafe relationship is encouraged to call 911 or the Domestic Abuse Project at 612-874-7063. For more ways to get help, check out these links gathered by the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women.

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