2 suspects arrested after shooting at officer's house, squad car

It's not clear why the men were shooting at the officer's house.

A police officer was sitting at home with his family when he heard gunshots hitting his house and his squad car. 

Now, two men – a 20-year-old from Grand Rapids and an 18-year-old from Bemidji – have been arrested in connection to the incident, Grand Rapids Assistant Chief Steve Schaar said in a news release, noting he's "grateful nobody was hurt." 

Grand Rapids Police Officer Matt O'Rourke heard "multiple projectiles" hitting his house and car just before 10 p.m. Sunday, and then a vehicle was spotted speeding away. 

That's when O'Rourke chased it while calling police for help. 

The vehicle was eventually found near Murphy Elementary School, but no one was inside. 

Police – with the help of a police dog named Radar – located the two suspects "a short distance away" and arrested them. They haven't been charged. 

Schaar says the motive for the shooting is unclear and officials aren't sure what type of weapon the suspects used. 

All of that will be determined by the Itasca County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating the case because it involves a police officer and his family, the release says.

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