20 pounds of glitter: Barbie's Dreamhouse to open doors in Bloomington


In real life Barbie is not quite one foot tall.

But when the Mall of America tells us it's opening a life-size Barbie house, we know what they mean. And it's happening.

As the Pioneer Press reports, officials at the megamall plan an early spring opening of "Barbie, the Dreamhouse Experience," a 30,000 square foot exhibit that will allow fans to stroll through a living space replete with pink elevators and endless closet space.

The Star Tribune notes the mall's announcement puts the glitter content at 20 pounds. The Dreamhouse will set up shop for a two-year run in a vacant space formerly occupied by Bloomingdale's, the Pioneer Press reports. The Star Tribune story says the mall is turning that area into an entertainment center with three spaces for rotating exhibits.

Even though it won't open for a few months, you can already buy tickets to visit the Dreamhouse or book a birthday party there. $24 gets you through the pink doors, only $17 for seniors.

This won't be Barbie's first Dreamhouse. There's already one next to a mall in Sunrise, Florida. But that one is a mere 10,000 square feet, according to First Coast News' report on this fall's opening.

By the way, don't get the $24 Mall of America attraction confused with the other Barbie's Dreamhouse - the $150 item you can buy your child for the holiday. That one's a three-story doll house that recently made Walmart's "Chosen By Kids" list of preferred toys this season, marking the fifth straight year the venerable blonde beauty has landed one of her items on the list. And the three-story house also has a pink elevator. Is that the life-sized one?

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