2012 may break Twin Cities record for warmest year

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As November winds down, climatologists say 2012 has a chance to enter the annals of Twin Cities history as the warmest year on record. An assistant state climatologist tells the Pioneer Press that 1931's status at the top of the thermometer could be threatened. Breaking the record would take a December about four degrees warmer than normal. So far this year every month except for October has seen temperatures above normal.

The folks at Climate Stations put together a graph comparing this year's temperatures to those dusty 1931 numbers and to the long-term average. They've got links to lots of other current and historic Twin Cities weather data at their home page.

The prospect of a record-warm year is not exactly surprising, given some of the seasonal records that have already been surpassed. Those include the warmest summer in Duluth's recorded history. And the warmest spring in the Twin Cities.

And is heat good for cheese? Because Wisconsin is also warming up to the idea of penciling in 2012 as the hottest year on record.

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Summer in Twin Cities 3rd warmest on record

The National Weather Service said Friday that the meteorological summer months of June, July and August in Minneapolis and St. Paul were the third warmest on record. During the period, the average temperature in the Twin Cities was 74.8 degrees, 3.5 degrees above average. Only the summers of 1988 and 1933 were warmer in the metro.

Summer of 2012 was warmest on record in Duluth

There were no record-breaking hot days, but red thermometers steadily turned June through August of 2012 into the warmest season on the books in Duluth. Forecasters think a 14-month streak of above-normal temperatures will continue in September. As for rainfall, it's been pretty sparse since the deluge that flooded the region in late June.

Twin Cities had warmest spring ever

It's official: This spring was the warmest on record in the Twin Cities, and it was the second-wettest, too. Temperatures during the meteorological spring -- defined as March through May -- averaged 54 degrees at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the highest since modern record-keeping began in 1873.

March may be warmest month ever compared with average

MPR's Paul Huttner crunches the numbers and says this month could be the warmest ever -- when compared with average temperatures at MSP airport -- in 121 years. So far temperatures overall have been 16.7 degrees higher than the average in the Twin Cities area.