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2020: Will Amy Klobuchar run for president?

First it was Al Franken with the 2020 buzz. Now it's the other Minnesota senator's turn.

With Al Franken taking himself out of the 2020 conversation (at least for now), that leaves only one U.S. senator from Minnesota with a chance for a realistic presidential candidate narrative.

It's your turn, Amy Klobuchar.

Klobuchar, the first woman to represent Minnesota in the U.S. Senate, spoke at a Democratic fundraiser in Des Moines, on Sunday, the Des Moines Register reports. There she laid out what the paper called an "economy-focused policy agenda." She also stopped in at a Democrats’ Phoenix Club meeting.

And because Iowa is such a huge piece during presidential elections, that got all the political wonks excited for the next election, even though we're only 181 days from the last one.

CNN added Klobuchar to its "Democrats thinking about running for president" page. She's listed in the third tier, called, "(There's a chance, but ... )."

Franken is in the second tier: "(Have potential to be a major contender but not there....yet)"

The Washington Post also did a whole story about her speech in Iowa, which offered a strong criticism of President Donald Trump – much to the delight of about 300 Democrats in the crowd.

Reid Wilson, a writer for The Hill, tweeted: "Amy Klobuchar gave what sounds like a pre-campaign speech in Des Moines over the weekend."

And a Google News search for "Klobuchar" will get you even more 2020 talks.

So ... does she even want to run?

That's the big question of course. And she's got a couple years to actually decide.

But the Washington Post's story says Klobuchar's camp has "made no secret that she sees herself as a future presidential contender." There was even buzz her 2015 memoir was setting up a presidential bid.

Publicly though, she hasn't said anything concrete. A reporter with The Hill asked about her 2020 interest in January, and she didn't really respond.

Recently, she publicly said she wanted to stay in Washington D.C., so wouldn't be running for governor of Minnesota. And when there was an open U.S. Supreme Court seat, she said she had a job already and wasn't interested.

While we don't know how she'd fare in a hypothetical match-up with Trump like we do with Franken, we do know she's pretty well-regarded in her home state. Morning Consult had her ranked as one of the 10 most-liked senators in the U.S., with a 63 percent approval rating. A recent Star Tribune poll found she had a 72 percent approval rating – and was even at 51 percent among Republicans.

Update: A spokesperson for Sen. Klobuchar released a statement to GoMN about the buzz.

"The Senator has made it clear that she is focused on her job representing the people of Minnesota in the United States Senate," it says, then offers this context for the Iowa appearance. "She was asked to go to Iowa, Minnesota's neighbor to the South, to speak about issues that are important to the Midwest."

So ... we still don't know. We'll have an answer by the year 2020 though.

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