22 funny facts about Cordarrelle Patterson – and he wants to play RB

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With Ty Montgomery helping revitalize Green Bay's running game this season, Pro Bowl kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson wouldn't mind giving running back a shot with the Vikings.

“I would love to play running back,” Patterson said during a really weird podcast appearance with Pardon My Take. “I think any receiver in my position would love to play running back. People always say, ‘he’s just a running back when he gets the ball in his hands.’”

That's all he really said about playing running back. But it's cool nonetheless. For the record, Patterson does have 31 career rushes for 333 yards and 4 touchdowns.

You can also learn the following about Patterson via the podcast.

  1. He's not a part of the Vikings donut club
  2. He hates Sam Bradford's long, short sleeves
  3. Kalil was the first Viking to go number two in the U.S. Bank Stadium bathroom
  4. More afraid of snakes than getting tackled by a kicker
  5. Doesn't think he could run over Sebastian Janikowski
  6. Thinks the NFL is trying to get rid of the kick return
  7. He eats at Applebees three times a week
  8. Says people can get as drunk as they want as long as they have a sober cab
  9. Lambeau Field is the toughest NFC stadium to play at
  10. Packers fans still moon opposing players and give them middle fingers
  11. Believes the NFL favors the Packers
  12. Wishes the Color Rush Vikings jerseys were all gold, not purple
  13. Mike Zimmer chews enough Red Man to have a sponsorship
  14. Spitting your dip on someone is not an accident
  15. Wants to change his number but the NFL would charge him $50,000 to $100,000
  16. Jared Allen never brought dead animals into the locker room
  17. He doesn't miss playing outside
  18. Thinks Bud Grant is a "beast"
  19. He's never heard of a Dilly Bar
  20. Says his mother is the most famous person in his cell phone
  21. Never bathed in Lake Minnetonka
  22. Thought the Minnesota state bird was an eagle

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