24 hours in Chisago County, as tweeted by local cops

Conditions weren't exactly conducive to a quiet day.
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Snow, tragedy and drunks made up a day in the life of deputies in Chisago County, Minnesota.

Sheriff's deputies conducted one of their semi-regular, 24 -hour #tweetalongs on Saturday, describing the mixture of bizarre and serious calls they experienced on a snowy weekend.

They almost called the whole thing off when they awoke to heavy show, which ended up dumping more than half-a-foot north of the Twin Cities.


– Here's how much snow fell Friday night into Saturday

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But they plowed on (pun intended) with their social media series, with the weather making the day's events all the more challenging.

It started off with tragedy, unfortunately.

And the sad news continued a little later, when a man was found next to his tractor with paramedics unable to revive him.

The snowy conditions really starting taking a toll, with semi-trailer drivers and even the local medical examiner among those running into trouble.

As the day wore on, much of the action revolved around domestic disputes and drinking – and some of the incidents veered into the bizarre.

You can find the full thread from Saturday on the Chisago County Sheriff Twitter page here (they just passed 7,500 followers – give them some more!)

Arguably the most interesting tweets are the reflective ones. These deputies after all witness some of the very best and worst of humanity, but for all the action they can take, there's a sadness in situations they can do nothing about.

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