25 years after jump from Faribault bridge, a 'thank you for saving me' is heard

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A woman who tried to end her life by jumping off a Faribault bridge in 1990 has finally been able to express her gratitude to the people who saved her.

It's been more than three years since Jennifer Green reached out to the Faribault Daily News for help finding whoever saw her jump from the 14th Street bridge and called for an ambulance.

In February of 1990, Green was a patient at a psychiatric center in Faribault when she escaped and jumped from the bridge. She wrote to the Daily News in 2012 "...when I hit the ground I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life."

The injuries Green suffered in her fall would not have been fatal, but hypothermia was an immediate threat on that bitterly cold night, making the prompt arrival of medical help the key to saving Green, Star Tribune columnist Gail Rosenblum wrote this past weekend.

Rosenblum's column followed a Daily News article on the 25th anniversary of the jump, which revived Green's call for help finding her saviors.

It did the trick, with the Daily News announcing Monday it received a letter signed "Two Good Samaritans" from people who wanted to remain anonymous.

They wrote that they saw the February Daily News article and continued:

"It was good to hear that you are doing well and we appreciate your gratitude for the 911 call we made to get you help on that February day. While we are sure anyone in our situation would have done the same thing, we are grateful we happened to be there on the bridge at that time. It is our belief that there is goodness in the world and that we all benefit at some time from the kindness of others. Please know we wish you closure and the best future. Sincerely, Two Good Samaritans"

The newspaper reports Green, who lives in the Chicago area, was overjoyed upon hearing about the letter.

She's just about ready to move on from the incident, but tells the Daily News she plans to travel back to Faribault this summer to have a rock under the 14th Street bridge inscribed with a special message.

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