25 years later, we definitely don't have to worry about a Halloween blizzard

Forget about that 25-year-old Halloween blizzard – it's gonna be hotter than normal all week.
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Remember that crazy Halloween blizzard Minnesota had in 1991?

Well, we certainly don't have to worry about something like that happening this year, on the 25th anniversary.

In fact, the forecast for next week predicts temperatures higher than it tends to be this time of year.

And if it continues to stay this warm, we could break some records in the Twin Cities.

Decent temps for Halloween

The NWS forecast says a warm front moves throughout the state on Monday, and temperatures will be highest in the far west, with highs close to 70 in the afternoon.

It will be a bit cloudy and breezy, but warmer than normal in the Twin Cities, with a high of 61.

The clouds should clear out later in the evening, giving us a nice night for trick-or-treating and a low of 47 in the cities.

Most of the state will experience highs that are about 5-10 degrees above normal, NWS says.

There's also a chance of rain for the north and northeastern part of the state.

And it'll stay warmer than usual

The temps for the rest of the week are also 10 or more degrees above normal for most of the state.

It could even creep towards 70 in the Twin Cities next Sunday, which could put us on track to break the record for the latest we've gone into the year without seeing 32 degrees, NWS said.

This could probably turn out to be the longest growing season in the Twin Cities in 143 years, MPR notes.

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