2,500 people were arrested for drunken driving over the holidays

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Two people who were taken into custody for driving the same vehicle while drunk were among the roughly 2,500 DWI arrests made during the state's recent crackdown.

In that incident, which happened in Carver County, a deputy stopped a vehicle and arrested both people for drunken driving – the initial driver, who had a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.33, got sick and stopped in the middle of the street. Then his female passenger, who had a BAC of 0.11, drove the car onto the side of the road, a news release from the Department of Public Safety says.

This was one of several stories detailed in the release following the state's enhanced enforcement campaign from Nov. 25-Jan. 2 in which 2,502 people were arrested for drunken driving – 152 of those arrests came New Year's Eve.

Several arrests included people who were well above the legal limit of 0.08, the release says. The highest blood-alcohol concentration recorded during the crackdown was 0.40 by the Minnetonka Police Department.

Here's a look at the agencies that made the most arrests during the crackdown (read the full report here):

  • Minnesota State Patrol District 2400 (Oakdale): 173
  • Minnesota State Patrol District 2500 (Golden Valley): 172
  • St. Paul Police Department: 74
  • Minnesota State Police District 2100 (Rochester): 62
  • Minneapolis Police Department: 59
  • Bloomington Police Department: 39
  • Mankato Department of Public Safety: 39
  • St. Cloud Police Department: 37
  • Stearns County Sheriff's Office: 34
  • Minnesota State Patrol District 2600 (St. Cloud): 34

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