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Gas prices surge above $4 in Minnesota to hit record highs


Motorists in Minnesota need to prepare themselves for sticker shock before their next trip to the gas pump.

The price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has jumped north of the $4 mark across the Twin Cities metro, well above the national average of $3.59 a gallon.

A station in Bloomington was selling gas for $4.29 and several other stations in the Twin Cites raised their prices to $4.19, according to

AAA Minnesota-Iowa told Minnesota Public Radio a temporary closure of two refineries in the Chicago-area for repairs is driving up gas prices in Minnesota.

"We do not expect there to be any relief for the Upper Midwest/Great Lakes region until probably late June to early July," Gail Weinholzer, the director of public affairs, told MPR.

Statewide, the record average topped out at $3.98 in July 2008, but AAA expects to shatter that record, according to the Star Tribune.

“It’s going to be a mighty expensive summer,” Weinholzer told the newspaper. “There is no relief in sight."

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