2nd Duluth frostbite victim to have toes amputated


The 30-year-old Duluth woman who suffered severe frostbite after being in extremely cold temperatures for a few hours this weekend will lose some of her toes.

A passerby spotted Erin Coons in an alley behind an apartment building in Duluth Sunday morning and called 911. The Duluth News Tribune reports the temperature at the time was about 20 below zero.

She's now being treated at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

"Erin's left toes are dead there's no blood flowing to the tips of them. Her toes will be amputated. She will need skin grafting but how much is still unknown because the healing process takes time," Coons's sister, Erica, wrote on CaringBridge Thursday. "Recovery time is a minimum of 6 weeks at this point. She is very scared that she won't know how to balance to walk."

Police have not determined why Coons was outside but they don't suspect criminal activity, the Star Tribune noted.

Regions doctors are also treating a different Duluth woman who suffered from frostbite last month. UMD student Alyssa Jo Lommel, 19, nearly froze to death after spending a night outside in temperatures as cold as 17 below zero.

On Monday, doctors amputated the tips of Lommel's toes on one foot and all of her toes on her other foot. Lommel will also have amputations involving her fingers in two weeks.

A 32-year-old Lakeville woman was found dead on her doorstep Tuesday -- the second day of the severe cold snap this week. Family members believe she likely froze to death.

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