2nd man pleads guilty in 'wild' Minneapolis shootout

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A man has pleaded guilty to shooting 17 rounds in what authorities called a "wild shootout" in downtown Minneapolis last fall.

The trial for Detroit Davis-Riley was expected to begin Monday, but the 26-year-old pleaded guilty Friday to three counts of second-degree assault in connection to the Sept. 12 shooting, according to an email news release.

Davis-Riley admitted to firing 17 shots that night, hitting two of the six victims. He was also shot three times in the spinal cord during the incident, the release notes.

He was among the three men charged in connection to the 2:30 a.m. shooting near 5th Street and Hennepin Avenue.

There were at least 50 people on the sidewalk at the time of the shooting, charges said, and officers said they saw Davis-Riley with a handgun following the shooting and chased him into an alley before arresting him.

He is scheduled to be sentenced April 15, and is expected to receive a total of nine years in prison, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in the release.

The trial for Maurice Carter, who was charged with nine counts of assault in connection to the shooting, is expected to begin June 13.

Demarco Gunn, the third man charged, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in March, the release notes.

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