3 execs have quit Trump's manufacturing council – what will 3M's CEO do?

3 execs have quit since Monday.
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Three big business leaders have dropped out of President Donald Trump's manufacturing advisory council over his response to the Charlottesville violence.

First it was Merck Chairman and CEO Kenneth Frazier (the only black member of the council), who said Monday morning America's leaders need to reject racism, bigotry and group supremacy.

At that point, the president had only talked about the violence "on many sides." Trump also responded to Frazier's decision by attacking himon Twitter.

Later Monday, the president specifically mentioned white supremacists and other hate groups as "repugnant."

But two other execs stepped down even after that. Under Armor's CEO said the company isn't interested in getting dragged into politics, and the Intel CEO called out Washington D.C.'s current culture of "attacking anyone who disagrees with them."

The CEO of 3M is on the council

The point of this manufacturing advisory council was to get information and perspectives on potential job policies. The White House initially tabbed 28 business leaders for the gig. 

Included on that list: 3M Chairman, President and CEO Inge Thulin

In the past 24 hours, people have been using Twitter and Facebook to ask Thulin to quit the council. 

The argument is generally that by staying on the council, a CEO is at least passively endorsing the views of the administration.

Thulin, who has been with 3M for decades, has not said anything publicly about the manufacturing council. GoMN reached out to 3M for a comment Monday morning, but has not heard back. (Neither has Business Insider.)

A few of the execs have come out condemning the violence, but said they'll stay on the council to help their industry. And that's an argument for staying on. The point is to help the economy; can they not continue to do so through this council?

Many CEOs haven't responded to a request for comment. Business Insider has a running list here.

Tesla's Elon Musk and Disney's Bob Iger left the council in June because of the administration's decision to leave the Paris climate change accord.

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