Update: 3 injured in multi-vehicle crash that tore car in half

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Three people were injured in a crash on Highway 10 Wednesday afternoon, but police are still piecing together what happened.

Four cars were involved in the crash on the highway around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday that caused one car to be torn in half, Coon Rapids police said in a news release Thursday.

Sara Peterson tweeted photos of the incident:


The 21-year-old driver of that car was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Her current condition isn't known.

Two other drivers who were involved in the crash were taken to the hospital, but have been released, the release notes. The fourth driver wasn't hurt. Police noted there weren't any passengers in the vehicles involved.

Officials are still investigating how the crash happened, police said, but investigators believe "something occurred" that caused the driver of the car that was torn in half to head into oncoming traffic.

She was driving eastbound when she went into the westbound lanes of Highway 10, before crashing with two other cars heading west. The fourth car, police say, was traveling east, and suffered "minimal damage."

The "major crash" shutdown the westbound side of Highway 10 near Round Lake Boulevard in Coon Rapids for about five hours, the fire department posted on Facebook.

Police said they got several tips from witnesses after asking for the public's help, and thanked them for assisting with the investigation.


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