3 things we noticed in the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer

The trailer seems like it has a lot of spoilers ... but hey, there's Michael Keaton in a weaponized bird suit!

A new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecomingdropped Tuesday morning.

The film – which is a reboot of the series, after the Andrew Garfield reboot kind of flopped – stars Tom Holland as a high school-aged Peter Parker dealing with the dreams-vs.-reality aspect of becoming a super hero. And Robert Downey Jr. seems to be filling the missing dad void.

This new trailer also offers our first real look at Michael Keaton as the (presumably) main bad guy, Vulture. It's also pretty spoiler-y, with a lot of scenes and plot given away. Here it is:

Here are three things we think are interesting from it.

  1. Peter Parker loses his suit at some point after getting in trouble with faux-dad Stark. So he dons a weird goggled version of the costume – basically the reverse of Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man.
  2. The Vulture makes a pitch at some point about "the rich and the powerful" not caring about "us" (presumably the working class, normal people with high-tech bird suits). So get ready for some possible super hero social commentary.
  3. Spider-Man seems very chatty. Which (puts on nerd glasses) would be pretty consistent with the original comic book character, and is something other recent Spider-Man movies haven't done much of.

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