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3-year-old girl goes through screen, falls 15 feet out of window

Thousands of kids fall out of windows every year.

A toddler was taken to the hospital after falling out of a window 15 feet off the ground.

The Fillmore County Sheriff's Office says it happened around 8 a.m. Monday while visiting a second-floor residence in Spring Valley, WXOW reports. The 3-year-old girl apparently leaned against the screened window and fell through. The Rochester Post-Bulletin says she was responsive on the way to the hospital.

This happens to thousands of kids every year

More than 5,100 children (so younger than 18 years old) end up at the ER because of window falls every year, Nationwide Children's says. Most end up with injuries, though Safe Kids Worldwide has found eight children under the age of 5 are killed annually as a result of falling out of a window.

It's worth noting standard window screens are not designed to keep children in – they're not strong enough.

Safe Kids also says window falls happen more often in dense urban areas and low-income neighborhoods.

Minnesota in 2007 actually passed a law – called Laela’s Law – specifically to address window falls. It created a new safety program to raise awareness of the problem, and implemented a data-gathering requirement so statistics around window falls could be tracked. The law also added window code regulations for new construction.

The National Safety Council has tips to help protect children around windows, including keeping windows closed and locked when children are present; keeping furniture away from windows so children can’t reach them; and installing fall-prevention devices that limit how far windows can open.

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