Viewer's guide: 'Dark Knight Rises'

Hollywood insiders predict this weekend's opening of "The Dark Knight Rises" will take in at least $180 million and could even beat the $207 million record set by "The Avengers" two months ago. Theaters will be crowded. Pioneer Press film critic Chris Hewitt has advice if you plan to see the blockbuster.

Pioneer Press movie critic Chris Hewitt has advice for you if you plan to see "The Dark Knight Rises" – the last of a blockbuster Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale. Among the tips: see it on IMAX.

The Star Tribune's Colin Covert promises that "time and again the film pulls you up in your seat with wonder."

CityPages says the movie is plodding, self-important and a "shallow repository of ideas, but as a work of sheer sensation, it has something to recommend."

Here's a glimpse:

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