3M's CEO quits President Trump's advisory council

After several CEOs quit this week, the president tweeted he's ending the council.
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The latest member to leave President Donald Trump's Manufacturing Advisory Council is 3M CEO Inge Thulin.

He announced his resignation in a statement Wednesday:

Thulin's resignation comes a day after executives were pressured to distance themselves from Trump because he didn't criticize white supremacists and neo-Nazis following the deadly demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Star Tribune said.

Thulin is among the seven members to quit the council since Monday, The Hill says, and the 11th to leave since the council began. In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Trump called the CEOs who left his council "grandstanders" and said there are plenty of people available to take their place. 

Trump says he's ending the council

About an hour after Thulin resigned, Trump tweeted he was ending the manufacturing council, which was formed in January. 

He also said he's ending his strategy and policy forum, which he formed in December. A bunch of CEOs have also been resigning from that group, The Hill notes.

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