3rd Democrat enters the race for John Kline's congressional seat


Another Democrat has thrown his hat into the ring for Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District election.

Roger Kittelson, a dairy marketing specialist from Goodhue, announced Tuesday he's running for the seat that's open next year due to the retirement of incumbent Republican John Kline.

Kittelson's campaign website outlines some of his campaign positions:

"Our goals are to support and vote for federal legislation that protects our senior citizens, our workers, our family businesses, our schools and health care, our local banks and credit unions, and our families. When we grow our American economies, we grow our country."

Kittelson specifically addresses four issues:

  1. He opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership Pact (TPP).
  2. He supports a Single Payer Health Care model.
  3. He would repeal the US Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited campaign funding from corporation PACS and union PACS.
  4. He believes the federal budget should be balanced.

Kittelson has run for office before. He ran for the Minnesota House in 1982 and again in 2014. He also was a candidate for Congress in Wisconsin in 2008.

Two other Democrats have been campaigning for the office for months: Mary Lawrence, a Minneapolis doctor, and Angie Craig, a St. Jude’s Medical executive.

Kittelson said he will abide by the Democratic Party endorsement process, MPR News reports.

There are also four Republicans in the race: former radio talk show host Jason Lewis, former State Rep. Pam Myhra of Burnsville, former state Sen. and former Red Wing Mayor John Howe, and tea party activist David Gerson.

Wide-open race

John Kline handily won re-election over the past seven terms, but the 2nd District went for President Barack Obama in 2012.

The southern Minnesota district had been reliably Republican but is now considered more of a swing district, and Democrats believe they have a strong shot at winning the seat.

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