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3rd rabid skunk discovered in St. Cloud prompts health alert


Health care providers in St. Cloud have been issued a health alert following the discovery of a third rabid skunk in the city in the past month, the St. Cloud Times reports.

Test results Friday confirmed a skunk found on the city's southside was rabid, according to St. Cloud Health director Lisa Schreifels said.

The other two skunks were found earlier this month. All three rabid skunks were discovered south of Seventh Street South, between Stearns County Road 75 and the Mississippi River.

Schreifels said the third skunk came into contact with four dogs and one of them had the skunk in its mouth.

All four dogs had rabies shots, however, and the dog that had the skunk in its mouth -- as well as another dog -- had booster shots, the Times reports.

The paper says emergency responders have also been alerted of the rabie cases in case they get a call about a skunk.

In addition, alerts have been issued in letters sent to about 1,000 St. Cloud residents who are late on renewing their dog licenses.

See the Minnesota Department of Health's information about rabies here.

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