4-year-old refugee affected by Trump's immigration order is now with family in MN

She was supposed to arrive Jan. 31, but President Trump's executive order changed that.

A 4-year-old girl who had been affected by President Donald Trump's immigration policy has been reunited with her family in Minnesota.

Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar made the announcement Thursday saying the child – Mushkaad Abdi – left Uganda Wednesday and is now with her Somali-Minnesotan mother, Samira Dahir, and two older sisters.

According to WCCO, Dahir and her two older daughters were approved to come to the U.S. about four years ago. Then she had her youngest child and made a difficult decision to leave her behind.

It took several years, but Abdi was approved and scheduled to arrive in Minnesota Jan. 31. But Trump's executive order affected that. The immigration policy requires the U.S. to stop accepting refugees for 120 days, and orders a 90-day ban on travel from seven countries that are predominantly Muslim.

Following the travel ban, the senators said they pushed to get the child cleared to come to Minnesota.

"This case proves that President Trump's Executive Order was poorly thought out, poorly executed, and above all wrong for Minnesota and the nation," Franken said in a statement.

Klobuchar added that "Mushkaad is not the only child who was waiting to be reunited with their family and caught up in the aftermath of this order."

The immigration order

The seven countries affected by the travel ban are Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, and Iran. The ban on immigration from Syria is indefinite.

The Trump administration says the temporary freeze lets federal officials develop a stricter vetting process for ensuring that terrorists are kept out of the U.S.

Prior to the order, about 900 refugees were expected to resettle in Minnesota alone over the next 120 days through the seven organizations in Minnesota that do resettlement work.

Wednesday, Minnesota joined a lawsuit arguing the limits President Trump put on refugees and immigrants last week are unconstitutional.

USA Today reported earlier this week the Department of Homeland Security will allow 872 refugees to enter the U.S. this week, anyways.

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