Ambush in Afghanistan injures 5 Minnesota National Guard members


A spokesman for the Minnesota National Guard tells the Associated Press that five of its soldiers were injured in a deadly attack in Afghanistan on Monday morning.

The guard members are from the 849th Mobility Augmentation Company based in Litchfield, according to Lt. Col. Kevin Olson.

The Guard did not release the soldiers' identities nor the severity of their injuries. But his brother tells the Litchfield Independent Review that Staff Sgt. Robbie Sheets was among those injured in the attack on a base in Kandahar province.

Shane Sheets tells the newspaper Robbie, a Litchfield native who now lives in Rice, was hit in the leg and back but "he's doing OK." KARE 11 also spoke with family members of Sheets. His grandmother told the station she'd talked with Robbie by phone and he failed to mention he was in the hospital.

Guard spokesman Olson says one member was airlifted to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany and is recovering, according to the Star Tribune. The four others are being treated in Afghanistan.

The Washington Post says the attack on one of the last remaining forward operating bases in Kandahar Province included a car bomb, suicide bombers and gunmen wearing western uniforms.

The New York Times reports an American solider, who has not been identified, was killed in the attack. It's unclear whether the soldier was a member of the Minnesota National Guard.

NATO and Afghan officials say all nine insurgents were also killed, the Associated Press reports.

Ninety-five Minnesota National Guardsmen from the Litchfield-based unit deployed to Afghanistan last summer to clear roads of improvised explosive devices.

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