5 of Schoolboy Q's best collaborations

His stylistic evolution can be seen through his collaborations through the years.

Few rappers have stacked up better features the past few years than Schoolboy Q.

From Kendrick Lamar to BJ the Chicago Kid, these are songs that are far greater than the sum of their individual contributions.

Here are five of Schoolboy's collaborations that have solidified him as a signature artist, and would make for great entertainment at Thursday night's show at Myth featuring Joey Bada$$.

"Hands on the Wheel" featuring A$AP Rocky

This jumpy party anthem comes from Schoolboy Q's second album, Habits and Contradictions. It samples the catchy "Pursuit of Happiness"by Kid Cudi who is currently in rehab for depression and anxiety.

These power members of Top Dawg Entertainment and A$AP Mob last went on a full-length tour together when Q supported Rocky on his 40-date Long.Live.A$AP tour back in 2012. In other words, let's get it going again.

"Collard Greens" featuring Kendrick Lamar

This catchy ode to weed is a single from Oxymoron, Q's first major album release after signing to Interscope.

This track is one of many collaborations with K-Dot, but to witness a live performance of Kendrick rapping in Spanish on his verse would be a treat.

"Studio" featuring BJ the Chicago Kid

"Studio" is another largely successful single from Oxymoron. The catchy chorus from BJ the Chicago Kid helped the song's rise and it was nominated for both a BET Hip Hop Award in 2014 and a Grammy in 2015.

This song probably brings us as close to Schoolboy Q's soft side as he will allow. The mellow beat and supporting vocals from BJ help Q's raunchy verses sound sort of like a love song. Sort of. He raps about being torn between finishing up a song in the studio and spending quality time with his girl.

The pair hit both the Conan and Jimmy Kimmel stage with a 5-piece band to promote the release of Oxymoron, a reunion of this ensemble would be more than welcome at the Myth stage.

"THat Part" featuring Kanye West

"THat Part" is the second single from Schoolboy Q's second major album release, Blank Face LP. Q and Kanye rap about leaving the fakes behind and keeping themselves surrounded by money and strong, independent women.

This one strays away from talk of heavy drug use and instead boasts about a good life. So good that Ye even had fun with his verses. His enthusiasm is evident in the music video as he jumps, dances and even smiles -- or most likely smirks -- as he recites his famous lines like, "Wifey gonna kill me, she the female OJ." Although Kanye just tore up Xcel Energy Center, this song live without Ye just won't have the same effect.

"Overtime" featuring Miguel and Justine Skye

"Overtime" is both colorful lyrically and visually and would make for an engaging live performance. It's the third single from Blank Face, and could be your new favorite if "Studio" was your jam. The track follows a similar pattern of raps surrounding a straight-to-the-point chorus sung sweetly by Miguel, who recently opened up for Sia at the Target Center. Justine Skye takes the song home in the final verse that she belts in a field of pastel balloons.

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