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5 things that have lasted longer than Scaramucci's White House communications director run

Scaramucci was in the job for 10 days. That's not even as long as the State Fair.

Anthony Scaramucci is done as a public face of the White House.

Scaramucci is leaving his role as White House communications director, the White House announced Monday. Or, as the New York Times describes it, he was forced out amid some not-so-behind-the-scenes staffing chaos.

It also comes a few days after his phone call to New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza, where he threatened to fire a bunch of people and went on a NSFW rant about a couple of his White House colleagues.

Scaramucci was publicly named communications director on July 21. And the White House said he would start his duties officially on Aug. 15. So depending on how technical you want to be, he either lasted 10 days or negative 15 days in the role.

Either way, it's the shortest tenure ever for a White House communications director, NBC News says.

Which got us thinking: What are some Minnesota events that last longer than Scaramucci stayed in his White House position?

1. The Minnesota State Fair

The State Fair runs 12 days, every single year leading up to Labor Day. That gives it about a 48-hour lead over Scaramucci's communications director run.

2. The Fringe Festival

More than 850 performances of 167 shows make up the Minnesota Fringe Festival, which starts Thursday. (If you need some guidance how to choose which shows to see, check here.)

The festival also goes for 11 days, beating Scaramucci by a hair.

3. The record for consecutive days hitting below zero

This isn't even close, to be honest.

The Twin Cities record for longest streak of days that reached zero or below is 36, set back in 1936. Duluth's record for consecutive days hitting zero or below is 23 days. (To be clear: This isn't a day where the temperature never gets above zero – but days where the temperature hits zero or below at some point.)

4. Watching all of Grey's Anatomy

This isn't technically Minnesota-focused, we cheated.

To watch the entire series of Grey's Anatomy front to back takes a total of 12 days and 12 hours. So you'd still be going if you started the exact second Scaramucci was brought on.

5. Prince's 02 Arena run

One of Prince's most iconic tour runs came in 2007, when he played 21 nights at London's 02 Arena. His performances "dazzled" the city.

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