5 things to do in the Twin Cities this weekend: 11/11-13 - Bring Me The News

5 things to do in the Twin Cities this weekend: 11/11-13

Beer-Jitsu, strange girl conspiracies and Band of Horses dominate this weekend.

Band of Horses

In the fertile indie rock climate of 2006, Jim James and Sam Beam brought back voluminous, lumberjackian beards again. From this milieu emerged "The Funeral," a perfectly timed slice of Americana bummer-rock from the pen of one Ben Bridwell. Every single video game, skate video, and teen-friendly TV show that year picked it up. Hell, Kid Cudi and Soulja Boy even sampled it. Since then, Bridwell and Band of Horses kept their spit-shined Neil Young verve while allowing diverse influences to creep in. Their fifth LP, Why Are You OK, dropped in June with the satisfying clunk of well-honed songwriting, and after 10-plus years on the road, Bridwell and co.'s live chops have matured like fine wine.

A Conspiracy of Strange Girls Launch Event

Last year, screen-printing maven Rhys Jones turned the "Strange Girls Never Die" art exhibition into a local sensation. The success of the event led to the formation of the arts collective A Conspiracy of Strange Girls, with an inclusive mission to promote the creative work of women-trans-femme+ artists. The collective's launch event is a return to the scene of their original hit show, northeast Minneapolis' big and beautiful CO Exhibitions gallery, and will feature everything from a live large-scale painting to interactive performance arts, burlesque performers and punk bands. Limited-edition works from Conspiracy members will be available for purchase, and all proceeds going towards the collective's further works.

Fulton Brew-Jitsu

Lovers of martial arts and beer, rejoice! Fulton Brew-Jitsu is half jiu-jitsu seminar and demonstration, and half beer tasting at the Fulton production brewery in northeast Minneapolis. Local jiu-jitsu masters Chris McCune, Renato Tavares, Tim Blackstone, and Tryfon Stathopoulos will be instructing interested participators on the finer points of ancient badassery, but if you're not up for getting thrown onto a mat, there's a spectator option too. After the seminars, Fulton will be airing 9 Superfights and sampling their latest releases.

Clockwerks Brewing Grand Opening Party

Speaking of combining craft beer with things that we're nerdy about, meet Clockwerks Brewery, a steampunk-themed brewery opening up in downtown Minneapolis. Founded by bffs Lonnie Manresa and Brett Michlitsch, Clockwerks was born from a mutual love of homebrewing. Manresa and Michlitsch plan on centering the brewery around quaffable, low-alcohol session ales and lagers, with at least one tap reserved for recipes submitted by their fans in the homebrewing community. For their grand opening gala, Clockwerks plans on releasing a special-edition beer and a few special door prizes, so push up your pince-nez and gas up your airship, because this is gonna be one heck of a party.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Once upon a time, the Los Angeles Lakers were the Minneapolis Lakers, an accomplished midwestern franchise and home to one of the NBA's first true stars in George Mikan. Then, right after we drafted some guy named Jerry West, the team moved to L.A., and the rest, as they say, is history. Fast forward to 2016 and the post-Kobe Bryant Lakers are finding a fresh identity in a youth movement led by a charismatic new head coach and recent blue-chip draft prospects D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson and Brandon Ingram. Sound like anyone we know? Lakers vs. Wolves should be a great showcase for some of the most entertaining young players in the league, and hopefully a sneak preview of some intense 2019 playoffs action, a few years ahead of schedule.

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