5 things to know about how Give to the Max Day 2017 works

Including how to make sure your full donation goes to the organization you pick.

1. Just search – you'll find something

Everything can be done online, so it's super convenient if you're feeling charitable. And it's easy to find an organization you want to support.

At GiveMN.org you can search by name, topic, or location to narrow things down. For example, let's say I want to help owls:

Boom, super easy.

You can keep an eye on who's getting the most donations and the special prize winners here.

2. GiveMN takes a fee from your donation 

When you donate money, 6.9 percent gets taken out of it.

  • 4.9 percent goes to cover credit card processing fees and the cost of the site. 
  • 2 percent goes to GiveMN, which operates the donation hub, gives out "golden tickets" and other bonuses on Give to the Max Day, and offers programs for nonprofits and schools.

3. But you can over that fee!

If you're trying to donate $50 to your favorite arts organization, and want to make sure they get the full $50, you can choose to pay the 6.9 percent fee on top of the $50.

When you checkout, it'll ask if you want to cover the fee – click yes, and 6.9 percent will be added to your total.

So in the example above, you'd end up giving $53.45.

4. You can get out there and experience events too

If you're someone who likes to get out there and isn't about that hygge life, there are more than 40 nonprofits holding events today.

For example, Bauhaus Brew Labs in Minneapolis will be helping raise money for Voyageurs National Park – there will be national parks trivia, s'mores, and info about camping/paddling in the park.

Or you can help the International Association for Refugees by stopping at the Jonathan House (1280 Arcade St. in St. Paul) to learn about asylum seekers. You can donate on site, too.

5. Breaking the record will mean hitting more than $20 million 

The 2016 Give to the Max Day brought in $20,120,566 – a record high for the day of charity, which is now in its ninth year.

So if you're considering donating:

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