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55? Somebody was busted for driving 155 mph

MN's 2 week crackdown on speeding led to 16K tickets

The numbers from Minnesota's two week crackdown on speeding are in. And they're not pretty. 

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) said Thursday that 20 different law enforcement agencies around the state caught somebody driving at least 100 mph. 

The speeds topped out at the 155 mph someone was doing when they were (somehow) stopped by a State Trooper from the Detroit Lakes district. In Rice and McLeod Counties, sheriff's deputies caught up with people driving 120.

In Minnesota, anyone going faster than 100 mph can lose their license for six months, DPS says. 

Speeding tickets up 25 percent from 2016

The summer speeding crackdown is an annual thing. Using money provided by a federal agency (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Minnesota hires law enforcement officers across the state to work overtime shifts where they focus specifically on speeders for a couple weeks. This year it was July 7 through 23.

Overall this time there were 16,580 tickets handed out, DPS said in an emailed news release. That's a 25 percent jump over last year's 13,214. But the 2016 number was low compared to recent years and this summer's figure is about the same as 2015.

There's a full breakdown of the tickets handed out on this page

The difference speed makes

According to the DPS speed contributes to an average of 83 deaths per year on Minnesota roads, although last year the preliminary number was 92

Why do higher speeds make driving more dangerous?

- Speed makes a driver more likely to lose control 

- It takes longer to stop

- There's less time to respond to surprises

- If there is a crash, it's more likely to cause injury or death

At the start of last month's crackdown DPS produced a video to illustrate the difference speed makes in the time needed to stop a car.

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