6 unreleased Prince songs are coming Friday ... maybe

Get ready for Deliverance.

A judge made a ruling on the release of the unreleased tracks late Wednesday. Go to the story here to read the update.

The original story from Wednesday is below.

There might be six unreleased Prince songs coming out Friday. Or there might not be, depending on how a messy legal situation plays out.

But let's start with the music: A six-track EP titled Deliverance is scheduled to be released on April 21. Billed as "the unheard spiritual voice of Prince Rogers Nelson," the tracks were recorded from 2006-08 with producer Ian Boxill, Pitchfork says.

After Prince died, Boxill completed the tracks. And now they're set to be released Friday through RMA.

You can see details on how to preorder here at the website – which somehow landed the domain name princerogersnelson.com.

And here's a little preview via the page's Facebook:

Deliverance by Prince Rogers Nelson

???? : https://rma.lnk.to/deliverance

???? Pre-order Deliverance today on iTunes and get the title track.
???? Stream the title track on Apple Music today.
???? Drops 4.21

Deliverance, The Unheard Spiritual Voice of Prince Rogers Nelson.

Posted by Deliverance by Prince on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

And here's a little snippet via Apple Music:

But then there's the legal questions

The people at Paisley Park apparently don't want this to happen.

Prince's estate filed a lawsuit against Boxill in federal court Tuesday. The lawsuit was originally filed in Carver County, but lawyers actually retracted it then refiled in federal court.

The complaint and exhibits involved have all been sealed, meaning we can't pull them up. But KSTP got a look at the complaint beforehand – check out their story for details about the claims.

And the big deal with Universal Music Group

There's a larger battle reportedly looming over Prince's music as well.

Remember in February, when Universal Music Group said it had won the rights to all Prince's music recorded after 1995, including what's in "The Vault?" Within that deal, UMG would also get U.S. rights within the next year to albums released from 1975-1995. (So big ones like Purple Rain.)

Variety now reports that the whole thing might completely fall through or be reworked, because there are questions about whether UMG will actually get those cherished albums from the '70s, '80s and early '90s. And UMG could ask for its $30 million back, the Wall Street Journal says.

The stories have more details about the complicated legal situation, but bottom line, don't be surprised if at the very least the terms change – or someone else entirely ends up with Prince's catalogue.

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