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60 degrees in February – wow, Minnesota

We could shatter some records this weekend

Record-breaking warmth is headed our way.

Temperatures are going to be 20 to 30 degrees warmer than average across Minnesota starting Friday and lasting into next week, the National Weather Service says.

The forecast shows Friday will be the warmest over the next few days, with highs in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota topping 60 degrees, while the northern half of the state will be in the mid- to upper-40s (see map below).

If the forecast stays true, it'll be the same temperature in the Twin Cities and Las Vegas on Friday, the weather service tweeted.

Expect temperatures to be in the 40s and 50s through the weekend, with another shot at breaking 60 degrees in the southern part of the state on Monday, the weather service says. Monday's near record warmth will come with some rain, too.

The normal high for the Twin Cities this time of year is 30 degrees, while northern Minnesota typically sees high temps in the mid-20s.

See ya, weather records!

This April-like forecast is really setting us up to shatter some records, the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities says, noting this warm stretch is similar to the one that happened back in 1981, when many of the current records were set.

The weather service says record highs are likely in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud on both Friday and Monday, and Saturday and Sunday will be pretty close to breaking or tying them as well.

Here's a look at the records, and what the forecast is predicting for high temps those days:

  • Friday's high in the Twin Cities is 61 degrees – six degrees higher than the record high of 55 degrees for the metro, set on Feb. 17, 1981.
  • In St. Cloud, the record high is 54 degrees, set that same year. The high for Friday is forecast to be 57 degrees.
  • The record high for both St. Cloud and the Twin Cities on Monday is 57 degrees, also set back in 1981. The forecast shows the Twin Cities will hit 59 degrees, while it'll be 56 degrees in St. Cloud.

There's also a pretty good chance these communities set record warm minimums from Saturday through Wednesday, with the weather service saying the forecast low Monday morning for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is 45 degrees – the record warm minimum for that day is 44 degrees.

It looks like areas of northern Minnesota will fall short of setting any records this weekend. Back in 1981, when many of these records were set, Duluth got up to 52 degrees on Feb. 17, but the forecast shows it'll only be 44 on Friday.

For more weather records for this stretch, click here or explore other weather records here.

How long will this last?

It may not feel like it, but it is still February in Minnesota – and the groundhog did see his shadow.

By Tuesday next week, temperatures in the Northland will settle back into the 30s, the weather service says.

The Climate Prediction Center's six-10 day outlook shows temperatures will still be above average across the state, but there will also be above average precipitation – which could mean a snowstorm is in our future if it's cold enough, the weather service notes.

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