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60,000 MyPillows headed to Texas for Hurricane Harvey relief effort

The MyPillow founder also launched a new charity, the Lindell Foundation.

Earlier this week, GoMN reported that Minnesotans are characteristically stepping up and doing their part to help the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. 

And now that help includes a Minnesota invention that you might know from infomercials and radio ads: MyPillow.

MyPillow, Inc. founder Mike Lindell and employees of his newly launched Lindell Foundation are loading six trucks with 60,000 MyPillows to ship to Houston, according to an email from a company representative. 

"We may be across the country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to help the tens of thousands of victims of Hurricane Harvey," the email said.

Lindell – whose mustachioed face you have probably seen on late-night commercials and at mall kiosks – and his crew packed the trucks in Shakopee Thursday afternoon. 

Considering a typical MyPillow (which promises a better night's sleep thanks to a special type of polyfoam) goes for about $50, that's quite a bit of help – about $3 million worth.

The pillows will go to "numerous shelters and rescue organizations in the Houston area."

It's the latest sizable donation to come from a Minnesota corporation; earlier this week, Target donated half a million bucks to the relief efforts in Texas

The Lindell Foundation: All donations directly to those in need

The Lindell Foundation, meanwhile, is a new effort from Lindell. The company said he wasn't supposed to launch it for another month, but that the impact of Hurricane Harvey couldn't be ignored.

"When I saw what was happening in Houston and all of the people in need, I moved the timeline up," Lindell said in the company's release. "There will be lots more to come with the Foundation, but for now, my only focus is helping Hurricane Harvey victims."

The foundation promises that all donations – from those directed for Harvey relief onward – will go directly to those in need. Lindell and MyPillow cover all the overhead costs for the charity, and the expectation is that corporate donors will help continue that in the future.

The Lindell Foundation, according to the site, "believes God wants to revolutionize the way we live, love and give."

"The Lindell Foundation has been a dream of mine for nearly two years," Lindell said in the email release. "I wanted to give people something they could believe in. Imagine a charity that starts with trust."

More about MyPillow

The famous pillow was invented in 2004, after Lindell had tried a number of other businesses. According to the official website, he went as far as mortgaging his own home just to bring the product to the market. 

Last month, Lindell was one of the businessmen invited to the "Made in America" showcase at the White House

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